About us

Orients Occidents Nexus is a non-profit, non-governmental, independent cultural institute of private law; it is a structure of research and cultural dialogue in the fields of Humanities, Literature and Arts; it is also a Think-Tank, a laboratory of ideas and reflection.

The institute’s mission is to study and promote the cultural and historical relations between Orient and Occident. Far from misrepresentations and beyond the familiar stereotypes and general opinions, it pursuits a redefinition of Orient and Occident and their connections, where the plurality of the Orient and the Occident is highlighted.

Alongside with studying and emphasizing the mutual contribution of Works, Ideas, and Personalities of Orient and Occident to each other’s culture, as well as the recognition of the historical connections and the common heritage between Orient and Occident, the institute proposes a new approach to mutual understanding, through the perception of the Occident by the Orient, namely reception in the East, especially the Arabic-speaking world, of works and personalities eminently Western. It endeavors to make possible for European self-perception to be revealed in the reflection of other non-European societies. At the same time, it spreads the cultural foundations for mutual understanding and actively promotes a serious dialogue between cultures and their coexistence.

To achieve these objectives, in all their diversity of aspects and their different manifestations in Art, Science, Literature and Humanities, the activities of Orients Occidents Nexus are orientated according to four main Focuses:

Each of them offers specific programmes exploring a particular aspect of the relation between Orient and Occident, which are fully described here under the Rubric “Focuses”.

Although Orients Occidents Nexus is a research structure by its vocation and very honored to have many scholars as partners, it is not solely or exclusively for academics, but for academics, artistes, writers, free intellectuals and students, as well as for every person who shares with the institute its convictions and is animated by the same quest; our objective been that of widening the field of discussion as well as the circle of discussers and interlocutors.

Orients Occidents Nexus is founded in November 2017, in the German capital Berlin.


Siham Issami is a visual artist and writer, had occupied several positions of responsibility in the cultural sector and worked as Adviser to the Moroccan Minister of Culture (Rabat), as a Board-Comity member of the French P.E.N Club and general secretary to the “Grand Prix de la Critique Littéraire “ (Paris). Her literary work include award-winning work especially by La Société des Gens de Lettres de France, SGDL (Paris).

Her research and literary interests are:

/ Knowledge transmission and interdependence of cultures / Relationship between Science and literature / Mathematics and poetry/ Correspondence between visual art and literature / Structure of language and logic / Structure of language and structure of thoughts.

You find here farther details on her work and artistic activities: 

Prof. Dr. Claus Zittel teaches German literature and philosophy at the Universities of Stuttgart (Germany), and Olsztyn (Poland), and is Deputy Director of the Stuttgart Research Center for Text Studies. His Visiting Professorships include Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), TU Darmstadt (Germany), Beida University (Beijing, China), and the Universities of Padova, Trieste, and Verona (Italy).

He is inter alia the author of Das ästhetische Kalkül von Friedrich Nietzsches ‘Also sprach Zarathustra’ (Würzburg: 2000, 2012) and Theatrum philosophicum. Descartes und die Rolle ästhetischer Formen in der Wissenschaft (Berlin: 2009). He is also editor of Nietzsche-Studien, and has co-edited some thirty-one scientific volumes.

You find here a complete list of his publications: